The Lionel Wendt Theatre opened in December 1953 with the production of Maxim Gorky's "Lower Depths" with a cast of some of Colombo's most accomplished amateur actors directed by Neumann Jubal.
The theatre hall functions as one of the main venues for musical programs and theatre (especially English theatre) and for other performing art events for a long time.

Even today, the Lionel Wendt remains one of the best theatres in Sri Lanka.

Facilities Available at Lionel Wendt Theatre

  • The hall has a seating capacity of 621 seats, 255 of which are balcony seats.
  • Fully functional Air conditioning.
  • A superior lighting and sound system.
  • Four Dressing rooms with dressing mirrors and attached bathrooms, located behind the stage area.
  • The stage has a width and length of forty feet and twenty-four feet respectively. The stage area has a floor to proscenium arch height of fourteen feet.
  • Underground stage access.
  • An accessible orchestral pit.